How much time do I have to return / exchange a good?
Within 100 days after purchase, you can return or exchange products from the store without any signs of use or damage.
How to return / exchange a product?
Send parcel with products and completed "Withdrawal form". If you want to exchange products for other products, enter in the Form in the appropriate table information about which size / model we should exchange them for. Properly protect the package against damage in transport, e.g. with foil, paper, cardboard packaging. ( The customer covers the payment of the return package)
To which address should I send the package back?
Oldenburger Ring 3,
02829 Markersdorf, Deutschland
How soon will I get my money back?
The payment is refunded max. up to 14 days, but usually it is about 3-5 days.


How much does it cost to replace the ordered goods?
The exchange is free. You only pay for return delivery. We pay for shipping the new product.
How long will it take to exchange purchases?
In total, the exchange should take up to 5 days from the time we receive the return shipment. It usually takes less time.
Can I exchange for a cheaper or more expensive product or for a larger / smaller number of products?
No but you can exchange one or more products for a product / products at the same price.
The replacement procedure, and thus the return of previously purchased goods, we described above ("Returns in SMMASH").


Where and in what form should a complaint be lodged?
Send detailed pictures and description of product defects by e-mail to [email protected], including order number in the title of the message. We provide this information for inspection and expertise by an independent Appraiser who verifies the validity of the complaint.
How long does it take to process a complaint?
Your complaint will be processed within 14 days of receiving the return shipment. However, we usually respond to such requests the next day.
What defects are not subject to complaint?
We will not accept damage caused by the user's fault as a result of non-compliant maintenance and defects resulting from improper storage, use of the product contrary to its intended purpose, mechanical damage or random events.
Who pays for shipping the returned item?
In the case of a complaint recognized by an independent appraiser, SMMASH pays for shipping.
We have described the product return procedure above ('Returns in SMMASH').

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